What is the purpose of a Speech and Language Assessment?  

A speech and language assessment can help identify a range of difficulties and help issues with understanding and using language, the creation of speech: forming words and sounds, difficulties with co-ordinating facial movements and identifying difficulties with the voice.

Speech and language therapy can help adults and child who have:

  • Speech and/or language difficulties

  • Learning difficulties

  • Physical difficulties

  • A hearing impairment

  • Autism or difficulties with social interaction

  • Cleft palate

  • Voice problems

  • Stammering (stuttering)

  • Dyslexia

Our Assessment Fees

Initial Assessment

This assessment lasts approximately 1 hour. It will include: 

  • Case History

  • Informal/Formal Assessment (as appropriate)

  • Verbal Feedback

This is followed up by a short cover letter report which will outline the findings from the assessments, recommendations and a small pack of relevant advice. 


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Detailed Assessment

This assessment can last from 90 minutes to 2 hours. It will include: 

  • In-depth assessment 

  • An in-depth report including background information, a detailed analysis of assessment scores and the findings. The recommendations and response to therapy. This report can be used as a contribution to the Educational Health Care Plans (EHCP) 





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Specific Dyslexia Assessments

If you believe you/your child might have dyslexia you can head over to our partner who can provide dyslexia assessments in the South East London Area.


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